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Are you looking for a Leadership Speaker on Decision Making? Well, you've found him!

How to optimize the use your brain for better results in both business and your personal life? Just get familair with the 'manual' of your brain and use it to tweak your brain a little.

In my keynotes I will give you practical 'recipes' to achieve just that. I will also entertain you with personal stories and share amazing insights. All prepared and delivered with a little humor.

I invite you to schedule a telephone or Skype call to discuss your needs and goals!

Procrastination - PSA Holland Convention 2016
Do you want to see more?

Mail to hans@hansdegraaf.info and tell me for what kind of topic and setting you are looking for a speaker, and I will sent you a relevant video of one of my speeches.
Email: info@hansdegraaf.info
Phone +31 655 77 29 08
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