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Brainful Decisions: Profit from the Collaborative Power of both your Rational Mind and your Intuition

Do you decide rationally? Do you decide intuitively? Or does it depend?

In this keynote Hans will learn you how to make the best decision possible, using both your cognition AND your intuition. But be aware ...  For some decisions your rational mind must get the upperhand, for others is better to trust your intuition. In short: brainful decisions.

Using the metaphor of 'Decision Making Recipes', you will receive a practical hands on tool that you can use right away to make brainful decisions. Hans will show you the recipes for different decision types, like hiring new employees and investment decisions. An important ingredient of every recipe is a list of potential biases for this type of decision and how to mitigate them.

Phone +31 655 77 29 08
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